“Duplicity of Life” in which the Artists explores the opposites, such as yin & yang, war & peace, love & hate, rich & poor, life & death. This particular work deals with the contrast between “Rich v Poor”

This work has been inspired by programme “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” which is an American reality competition show in which up-and-coming Artists compete for a Solo Show at the Brooklyn Museum.

In Series 1 Episode 8 “Opposites Attract” the Artists are to make a work of art based on opposites such as, heaven & hell, male & female, order & chaos. (available on youtube)

This painting is a piece of Conceptual Art, that follows a sequence or order, with ASCII Text (Alphabetical Letters) that represents a secret message in Binary Code. An infill square of colours indicates 1 in Binary code, and 0 when infill left blank white and spells the words "Rich" and "Poor" (inverted) in Binary Code.

Pen & Ink Drawing on 300g Paper

Duplicity of Life: Rich v Poor in Binary Code

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